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Liz Siron Costa (@jimyed@yahoo.com)
Date:Mon 30 Jul 2012 08:52:37 PM EDT
Subject:Alumni Concert
 Yesterday, July 29th, I took part in the JT Alumni Band Concert. I was a member of the Joliet East band from '77-'81 under the direction of Marshall Erickson and Mike Fiske. Sitting in the trumpet section, I was transported back to my high school band days with Mike Fiske directing. I was also humbled by the direction of Ted Lega and Kevin Carroll. Thank you to everyone for making this happen. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and I must thank my sister, Paulette Siron Velazquez for convincing me to participate. I got a chance to talk with Bob Moore and I reconnected with my first private lesson teacher, Al Saxon, and made some new friends. Thanks again for a great weekend!

Nate Fazio (maenrd62@aol.com)
Date:Mon 30 Jul 2012 10:25:09 AM EDT
Subject:Alumni Concert - Central class of 1971
 Well today is Monday July 30th and my head is still foggy from Sundays concert. 41 years ago I played cymbals on March of the Steelman for the last time at our graduation in the auditorium with Mr. Lega directing. Yesterday I got to re-live that moment again. The band room, the stage, it was like time stood still. A dream come true. Thank you to all who made it possible.

Joan Bisping (@ ramblers@att.net)
Date:Mon 16 Jul 2012 03:51:45 PM EDT
Subject:great site
 Just looked at the site to find out about tickets and this site is great. Great job and love that you can click on some of the songs played in 2007. I hope the same will done for the 100th celebration. Can't wait for July 29th.

Cristina McWilliams(McElrath) (@cristinamcwilliams@yahoo.com)
Date:Sat 14 Jul 2012 08:58:18 AM EDT
Subject:Joliet Central Band Member (1983-1987)
 Just wanted to say its nice to see that something like this had been formed!!!

paul carney (paul.jerseyarch@verizon.net)
Date:Sun 20 May 2012 04:00:28 PM EDT
Subject:joliet grade school band
 i was a member from 1952 to 1957 approx. under chuck peters. i would like to get information or a year book from that time as a keepsake. those were formadible years that led me to us navy band and onward. thanks paul carney

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