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JTHS Band Alumni Association
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January 2018


The Joliet Township High School Band Alumni Association (JTHS BAA) is pleased to announce that applications will soon be accepted for our annual scholarship offerings. Qualified student applicants must adhere to all steps outlined below to be included in the selection process for the JTHS Band Alumni Association 2017-18 Scholarship Awards. Three steps are required by every student who qualifies and wishes to be considered for this award.

  1. Application and Photo Release
  2. Interview
  3. Musical Performance

Here's the information that you need to know to apply:

  • Qualified students: Any JT Central and JT West band member who is a senior in the 2018 graduating class.
  • Scholarship Types:  The JTHS BAA is pleased to offer a total of $4,000.00 in scholarship funds this year.  The JTHS BAA Centennial Scholarship is a $1,000.00 scholarship awarded to one student at JT Central and one student at JT West.  The Norman MacDonald Memorial Scholarship is a $1,000.00 scholarship awarded to one student at JT Central and one student at JT West who plan to major in a music-related field, such as education, performance or technology.  Please note that students may not win both awards.    
  • Award presentation: The BAA scholarship committee plans to identify recipients so that students may receive recognition at their school's awards ceremony. In addition, the BAA plans to recognize each scholarship recipient at their campus's spring band concert program in May 2018.

The application form is the first required step. The form is available for download on our website – www.jthsbaa.org/pdf/2018-scholarship-application.pdf. A photo release form is also required for every applicant – //www.jthsbaa.org/pdf/2018-photo-release-form.pdf.

The deadline for all applications is February 24, 2018, and if mailed in paper format the completed form must be postmarked on or before the deadline. The BAA's P.O. Box mailing address is provided at the top of page one of this letter. The BAA will also accept forms submitted via e-mail. Electronic submissions by e-mail must be addressed to scholarship@jthsbaa.org and include the completed application form in PDF format. (JTHS BAA is not responsible for electronic or paper mailed applications that are lost, misdirected, etc. Students may choose to make a copy of all their submitted application and either: 1) call us at 815.714.8706, or 2) e-mail us at scholarship@jthsbaa.org; to verify that the BAA received their application.)

The BAA scholarship committee will review all applications received to screen and select student(s) who will qualify for the next step. The decisions of the BAA scholarship committee are final.  Once the student's application has been accepted, they will be scheduled for their interview and musical performance, which will occur on Saturday, March 10, 2018.  These will be held at the JTHS Administration Center, 300 Caterpillar Drive in Joliet.


  • Interviews will be scheduled for all applicants who qualify for this step.
  • The BAA scholarship committee will identify members of the interview team. One interview team will conduct the interviews of all students.
  • The interview questions will NOT be available beforehand.
  • The BAA scholarship committee will consult with the interview team and then select student(s) for the next/final step.
  • The decisions of the BAA scholarship committee are final.

Musical Performance:

  • Musical performance will be scheduled for each student that qualifies for this step.
  • The BAA scholarship committee will utilize independent qualified music educator(s) and musician(s) to judge each musical performance. The same judge(s) will critique all student performances.
  • Student must select a characteristic etude (length 3 to 5 minutes maximum) to illustrate their musical ability.  Students must provide printed copies of their music for the judge(s).
  • Students will perform on their primary band instrument.
  • Students are responsible for making all necessary transportation arrangements for their instrument to the interview / performance location.  
  • The BAA scholarship committee will consult with the judge(s) to select the finalists for the scholarship award.
  • The BAA scholarship committee will select two (2) students to receive the JTHS BAA Centennial Scholarship awards – one (1) from JT Central and one (1) from JT West.  The BAA scholarship committee will also select two (2) students to receive the Norman MacDonald Memorial Scholarship awards – one (1) from JT Central and one (1) from JT West.
  • The decisions of the BAA scholarship committee are final.

Lastly, we can provide basic information about the actual payment of this year's scholarships. As stated, these awards are solely for assisting four recipient students with the cost of their post-secondary education. The BAA scholarship committee (or BAA board) will require the recipients to provide evidence to claim their scholarship payment. The monetary award will be released to each selected student when they submit evidence of attending their designated post-secondary school. An example of required proof would be the report card (or equivalent official document) for the 1st term attended. Upon verification, the BAA board treasurer would be directed to make payment – in the student's name – for the full monetary award. A letter outlining the specific requirements to claim payment will be sent to each scholarship recipient.

As JT band alumni, we are thrilled to be able to offer these scholarship awards. We know that JT band students represent an exceptional group who are among the finest students. Most importantly, we are proud to sponsor scholarships to help our newest band alumni achieve their post-secondary education goals. Their success is one with ours.

Long live the JTHS band program and the on-going tradition of musical excellence that makes us always proud to say – We are JTHS band alumni!


                      JTHS BAA Scholarship Committee




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