Loyalties - JT East, West, Central

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Oh Hail the Kingsmen,
Mighty Kingsmen
School of Green and Gold.
We'll fight for the right
To prove our might
Against our many foes!
Rah! Rah!
Oh, East our pride will never cease
For victory is our goal
Our battle cry for JT East is
"Onward we will go!"


Fight… Fight…
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Go! West High - Go! Tigers!!!
Fight, show the foe our might
Victory and glory bring
Every loyal son will sing!!
Rah, Rah, Rah!
Black, gold and white,
West is best, and that's our battle cry
Loyalty and honor to the men of
Joliet West High


Joliet High, we're always loyal,
To thee we'll e're be true,
With a battle cry of  "Onward!"
We will fight for Gold and Blue.
Rah! Rah!
Joliet High is on to battle,
We'll conquer ev'ry foe,
We have a fighting spirit
On to vict'ry we will go!




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