JT East Band Sponsors

This page provides the list of JT East band sponsors.
We are asking that band alumni assist in the effort to create
the complete listing for all years. Please submit missing names
or corrections via e-mail to gene@jthsbaa.org

Special thanks to Jan Uffelmann and Mary Beth Bjekich for
their research to provide and verify many names on this list

School Year

Green Sponsor Gold Sponsor
1964-65 Sue Sharp Billy Bates
1965-66 Cynthia Fleming Linda Archer
1966-67 Kathy Robinson Linda Lundin
1967-68 Sandy Rentschler Sharon Matesi
1968-69 Kathy Sarcletti Toni Lopez
1969-70 Loreen Horsley Kaye Richards


Mary Lynn Bergesen Debbie Miller
1971-72 Ann Troughton Amy Lopez
1972-73 Paula Camp Debbie Thomason


Mary Jo Talarico Mary Kay Mores


Judy Alling Ruth Hamerla


Carrie Allen Laurie Tyler
1977-78 Denise Longanecker Janet Olson
1978-79 Tammy Bishop Lisa Stevens
1979-80 Michelle Morey Renee Stytz
1980-81 Debbie Johnson Michelle Marchio
1982-83 Wendy Green Cathy Hoerres


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