JT West Band Sponsors

This page provides the list of JT West band sponsors.
We are asking that band alumni assist in the effort to create
the complete listing for all years. Please submit missing names
or corrections via e-mail to gene@jthsbaa.org

Special thanks to Director Dean Sayles for providing
and verifying names on this list from 1964-1990

School Year

Black Sponsor Gold Sponsor
1964-65 Sue Warfel Donna Grohne
1965-66 Angie Costa Cheryl Carey
1966-67 Debbie Arnold Tanna Petrich
1967-68 Pam Newhaller Mandy Fraser
1968-69 Mary Dechecko Linda McEvilly
1969-70 Charlotte Block Sarah Moline


Pam Ward Joan Hogan
1971-72 Jill Houte Jan Pierson
1972-73 Nancy Hock Colleen Hogan


Aleta Finney Sue Berest


Jill Christensen Joann Darin


Bev Caudill Kim Moses
1976-77 Sue Weber Ann Lieb
1977-78 Patti Walker Val Moses
1978-79 Lori Starmann Barb Lieb
1979-80 Jan Arida Jennifer Schrock
1980-81 Lauri Esler Kristen Repko
1981-82 Lynda Racich Lori Guertin
1982-83 Jane Davis

Tracy Moses

1983-84 Judie Bell Jenni Waggoner
1984-85 Gretchen Laux  
1985-86 Jacy Skeldon

Sue Teitle

1986-87 Bonnie Teitle Jami Skeldon
1987-88 Amy Wastalu Jane Martin
1988-89 Stephanie Brumund Nikki Page
1989-90 Danielle Kress Dina Schenk


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