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This page provides the list of JT Central band sponsors.
We are asking that band alumni assist in the effort to create
the complete listing for all years. Please submit missing names
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Special thanks to Jan Uffelmann and Mary Beth Bjekich for
their research to provide and verify many names on this list

School Year

Sponsor Historical Information

"Miss Lois Delander, a student of Joliet High School, won the title of "Miss America". The band and friends gave her a hero's welcome home on September 19, 1927." (Source - A.R. McAllister study by Jeffrey Kluball, pg. 29

1928-29 Lois Delander

"... the championship band performed a concert in Kansas City on its way to Denver. The band was accompanied by its sponsor, "Miss America", Lois Delander, a student of Joliet High School." (Source - A.R. McAllister study by Jeffrey Kluball, pg. 35


School Year Blue Sponsor Gold Sponsor Baton Twirler
1929-30 Virginia McCoy    
1930-31 Margaret Wiswell    
1931-32 Dorothy Mortuedt    
1932-33 Harriet Shackleton    
1933-34 Leona Blogg    
1934-35 Jane Brennan    
1935-36 Phyllis Anderson    
1936-37 Eunice Miller    
1937-38 Torrie Wright    
1938-39 Meta Baskerville    
1939-40 Charlene Brown   James Gross
1940-41 Lois Thurlow    
1941-42 Norma Maielli Park    
1942-43 Elsie Sula Annette Burr  
1943-44 Janice Bloomquist Pilcher Priscilla Roth Morse  
1944-45 Doris Miller Jean Roth  
1945-46 Phyllis Gilkerson Kay Anderson  
1946-47 Joyce Carroll Marion Zivec  
1947-48 Helen Anderson Darlene Owens  
1948-49 Jill Chamberlain Beverly Allen  
1949-50 Loretta Schwab Dorothy Kohl  
1950-51 Lee Drew Margaret Whitmore  
1951-52 Elsie Boncezk Kay Gottlieb (Kathryn Hays)  
1952-53 Sally Collins Nancy Felman  
1953-54 Pat Felman Kathleen Evans  
1954-55 Marcia Lewandowski Peggy Ingalls Les Nelson
1955-56 Louis Ruden Barbara Felman  
1956-57 Janet Nelson Judy Onsgard  
1957-58 Donna Rohmer Sandra Simonetti  
1958-59 Karen Hancock Karen Galle  
1959-60 Bonnie Pearson Lynda Cohn Terri Fitzer and
Jerri Fitzer - '60 or '61?
1960-61 Eve Buell Janet Tozzi Terri Fitzer and
Jerri Fitzer - '60 or '61?
1961-62 Janis Fitzhenry Martha Alderman  
1962-63 Laurie Brown Sylvia Lundin  
1963-64 Helen Fricke Mary Ellen Benac  
1964-65 Kathy Johnson Sue Suggett  
1965-66 Nancy Baran Sue Kegley  
1966-67 Nancy Skikas Joan Jeffrey  
1967-68 Jonene Allcut Jolene Bowman  
1968-69 Sue Baranski Debbie Robinson  
1969-70 Peggy Perrine Nancy Holmquist  


Nancy Pavnica Renee Cheville  
1971-72 Carol Suste June Corradetti  
1972-73 Denise Brown Cheryl Suitca Diane Johnson


Sue Wheeler Barb Minnito  


Marja  Buckingham Vickie Shu  


Cynthia Brosell Debbie Culp
Priscilla McDonald
1976-77 Cindy McEvilly Sue Farmer  
1977-78 Julie Farmer Karen Nagra  
1978-79 Janet Kozar Stephanie Pavnica  
1979-80 Lisa Egan Kim Wicevic  
1980-81 Denise Sudsberry Sandy Kauzlaric  
1981-82 Mary Ann Walkowiak Jackie Adamowski  
1982-83 Becky Javonovich Karen Wheeler  
1983-84 Amy Allen Wendy Kursell  
1985-86 Kelly Travica    
1988-89 Christina Jovanovich Sasha Murer  
1989-90 Tracey Legan Krista Wright  
1990-91 Sherri Stobbe Caroline Province  
1991-92 Sarah Manley    


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