Annual Meeting Minutes

JTHS  BAA  Annual Meeting Minutes for Sept 20, 2015


JTHS West Campus

In attendance: Brad Uffelmann, Jan Uffelmann, Mary Beth Bejkich, Gene DiVecchio, Doug Kaiser, Mike Kostecki, Scott and Megan Gonzalez.

Gene called the meeting called to order at 3:00pm. The first motion by Brad was to waive reading the minutes from 2014. Mary Beth seconded, all agreed.

Jan reviewed the Annual Treasurerís Report for the board. Brad motioned to accept the report as it is, Mike seconded.

Brad motioned to approve all changes made to the bi-laws during the June 23rd working session. Mary Beth seconded, all agreed.

Gene discussed membership and recapped the boardís efforts thus far. He suggested the board revisits the idea of taking membership payments online.

The board discussed ways to thank donors. The option of sending a letter to an anonymous donor was discussed. A suggestion was made to add a feature on the JTHS BAA website to announce the scholarship recipients. The board would need to contact the parents beforehand to get the okay. The board plans to allow electronic submissions from the scholarship applicants this upcoming year. The board will create a release form to be signed by the applicants to allow the board use of their photo and bio on the BAA site or Facebook.

The upcoming Alumni Basketball games were discussed and dates given: 1/29/16 is West at Central and 2/26/16 is Central at West.

The board discussed the future and where the organizationís focus should be aimed. The group agreed that the JT schools, bands and students are the main focus and the bi-laws were updated to state that.

Mary Beth suggested meeting less often, possibly communicating via email between meetings. Several members agreed that this would be helpful to them as well.

Gene brought up officer positions and inquired whether Megan would be able to perform as Secretary for another year. Megan expressed reluctance, however no other member volunteered, so she agreed to take the position for another year.

Mary Beth suggested the board retain all of the officers at this time as they were the previous year. Mary Beth nominated the present board of directors and members at large to hold their positions for the new year. Jan seconded, all agreed. Board members: Gene, Jan, Brad, Megan; At Large members: Doug, Mike, Mary Beth and Scott. Brad motioned for the secretary to cast a unanimous ballot for the slate of officers as nominated. Scott seconded, all agreed.

The next meeting for the board is scheduled for November 11, 2015. The board plans to meet in December to have dinner, but a date is not yet set. There will be an additional meeting on January 20,

2016. The board plans to communicate via email in February to delegate and make arrangements for the pizza party following the basketball game at West. The board will meet on March 3, 2016 to plan for the scholarship interview/performances (proposed date March 19, 2016).

Brad motioned to adjourn the meeting, time 4:15pm. Doug seconded the motion, all agreed.


                                                      Respectfully submitted,

                                                      Megan Gonzalez



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