Annual Meeting Minutes

JTHS  BAA  Annual Meeting Minutes for Sept 25, 2011


Attendance: Frank Lumley, Joe Maielli, John Troughton, Brad Uffelmann, Brett Marcum, Jan Uffelmann, Mary Beth Bjekich, Gene DiVecchio, Megan Gonzalez, Art Perez, Andrew Picha, Bob Guenzler,  Melissa Christman, Bob Moore,  Mike Fiske, Paul Farr

The annual meeting was called to order at 3:05 pm by President Brad Uffelmann. Prior to any meeting technicalities, a presentation was given by JT West student Rich Zola. After brief introductions to all present, he proposed his Fanfare to all, with a short version on the piano and presented 2 "test" scores to review. The proposal is for the possibility of a composition to be played by the alumni  band at the 100th celebratory concert in July, 2012.  The board thanked Rich for his interest and talent and will listen to future additions to his composition as the  year progresses to determine if  this endeavor should be continued.  After this presentation the meeting continued.

Review of Minutes from 2010 Annual Meeting--The group reviewed the minutes from the 2010 meeting and Jan moved to accept the minutes as printed with a second from Art.  Motion carried to accept the annual meeting minutes from 2010.

Treasurer's Report--The treasurers report was reviewed which showed a balance of $13, 171.10.    Joe Maielli moved to accept the treasurer's report , with a second from Art.  Motion carried.  Gene and Mary Beth performed the internal audit and saw everything to be correct.

Year in Review--The Board  reported it has been very busy the past year with fundraising projects for a Scholarship presentation, trying to find members and concern of the size of the band on stage for the 100th year celebration concert if there are a large number of  participants. Currently, Jan U . reported  that there are  already 75-80  people signed up. 

Website:     Gene reported that there  are anywhere from 300-1500 "hits"  to our JTHSBAA website per week and anticipates to have many  more closer to concert time.  He recommended more social websites to encourage more interest by placing information on FB and Linkedin, to name a few, to  generate interest and find members  of all ages. Some additions to our website are various articles submitted to reflect "in the news" type of information. These   could include on-line registration as well as being able to view people that are signed up for the concert.  John Troughton inquired about placing "old"  concerts on line but that space may be an issue for this.  He recommended and agreed to assist to download music for the 100th anniversary concert.  The music can be online for a designated amount of time for playing members to be able to practice.  Gene feels the website has been a good thing for the organization and a useful tool to organize the next year's endeavors.  Graphs and pie charts were presented showing the statistics of our particular website and it's usage.  The Board thanks Gene for his continued efforts to keep the website up to date and informative to all members.  

Up-coming Events--   The Board has been very busy working towards planning the 100th Anniversary Concert to be on July 29, 2012.  However, prior to that date , many functions are planned:  Winter homecoming basketball games are  scheduled for Friday,  Jan. 6th at JTC  and  at JTW on Fri., Feb. 10th.   The Board provides pizza and soda at the end of these games for all attendees. Mike Fiske thanked the JTHS BAA for performing with his students and providing the snacks.  He also reported how much his students enjoyed playing with the alumni.  He also recommended the alumni band members could play at Homecoming for next year. 

Fund raising Social Events:--The Board is planning a Bowling Fundraiser on January 29th 2012, planned by Megan G. to raise monies for the  first senior student scholarship to be awarded in 2012. The Board has voted to present a Centennial Scholarship for each high school with the committee to formulate the rules and regulations.  It will be decided if this is a one time scholarship or a perpetual event.  Much depends on the funds available.    Jan and Gene requested  Mike Fiske check for previous by-laws used for the Houseknect Scholarship in years past and  pattern the new scholarship on these principles.  The board has looked into a fund raiser  sponsored by Heroes West in Joliet also.  Date to be determined.   The Board is also planning on compiling a PR/Ad book for the July concert. A committee will need to be established.

Centennial Concert- The primary planning for the next year involves the Centennial Concert to be held on Sunday  July 29, 2012.  A weekend with more than rehearsing is in the plans.  There will be a Celebratory Dinner on Sat. July 28 at Carpenter's Hall on Essington Rd. as well as a Historical Museum Tour on Sunday morning prior to the concert.  Tony Contos has graciously opened the museum up to our members for free. The Board would like to offer coffee and donuts to itís members during this time.  Rehearsals will be planned for the two Sunday's prior to the concert for any "local"  members.  The official rehearsal will start Friday July 27 and again on Saturday July 28th , in the morning and afternoon. Logistics will be carried out closer to those dates when actual instrumentation will be available.  Information for these dates and times will be mailed, emailed and posted on the website for members to view.  It was suggested that Bob Moore give a little talk, possibly in the "Little Theater"  at JTC  after one of the Sunday rehearsals.  It was recommended that Ted Lega could do the interviewing and a possible taped by Joliet Cable Television .  

BAA Meeting Dates:  Meetings will be posted on the website and are held on alternate second Wednesday's and Thursday's of each month.  Attendance by any member is welcomed and encouraged.  The board anticipates needing much help this next year to plan all of the events. 

Election of Officers

PRESIDENT:  Brett nominated Brad Uffelmann for President, Bob Guenzler 2nd the motion. Jan moved and Melissa 2nd  that the nominations be closed and a unanimous ballot be cast for Brad for President.  Motion carried.
VICE PRESIDENT:   Jan nominated Gene DiVecchio for VP and Art 2nd the motion. Jan moved and Megan 2nd that the nominations be closed and a unanimous ballot be cast for Gene for VP.  Motion carried.
SECRETARY:  Mary Beth nominated Megan Gonzalez for Secretary.  Joe Maielli 2nd the motion.  Jan moved and Melissa 2nd that the nominations be closed and a unanimous ballot be cast for Megan for Secretary.  Motion carried. TREASURER:  Megan nominated Jan Ufflelmann for Treasurer.  Bob Guenzler 2nd the motion.  Melissa moved and Gene 2nd that the nominations be closed and a unanimous ballot be cast for Jan for Treasurer. Motion carried. 
One At -Large for 3 year term:  Art nominated Mary Beth for 3 yr at-large term and Jan 2nd.  Jan moved and Melissa 2nd that the nominations be closed and a unanimous ballot be cast for Mary Beth for 3 yr Member at Large.  Motion carried.  Brett Marcum has 2 yrs remaining.   Mary Beth nominated Art Perez has 1 yr Member at Large and Megan 2nd.   Jan moved and Melissa 2nd that the nominations be closed and a unanimous ballot be cast for Art Perez has 1 yr Member at Large.

                                                      Respectfully submitted,

                                                      Mary Beth Bjekich



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