Annual Meeting Minutes

JTHS  BAA  Annual Meeting Minutes for Sept 29, 2013


In attendance: Brad Uffelmann, Jan Uffelmann, Mary Beth Bjekich, Gene DiVecchio, Mike Kostecki, Scott Danielson, Megan Gonzalez and Mary Ciccotelli

In attendance via teleconference: Art Perez

Called to order at 2:10pm. The previous annual meeting minutes were reviewed and commented upon. Jan motioned to approve the minutes without corrections, Mary Beth seconded and all approved. The Treasurers Report was reviewed for the previous year while Jan explained the details of the BAA accounts. Questions were entertained regarding the various accounts, Gene motioned to approve, Mary Beth seconded, all approved.

Mary inquired as to whether alumni members can see if their dues are paid or up for renewal. The board agreed that her suggestion was a good one and they intend to create a document or spreadsheet on the website where members can …..

Gene reviewed details with the JTHS BAA website with the board. He explained some of the costs incurred to sustain the site and statistics of the site.

Gene discussed the Centennial Scholarship and its subcommittee. He gave the time table about when the specifics to maintain the scholarship in addition to giving details about how participants are a chosen of how the winners obtain their payouts. He identified the names of the winners of the 2012 and 2013 scholarships. He discussed that the board intends to give another $1000 to a student from each school for the next two years with additional fundraising, although the account will need to be monitored closely each year to determine the award amounts for additional years in the future. Brad pointed out that the scholarship fund will require $2500 in donations and fundraising each year to sustain the scholarships.

Brad discussed the only fundraisers the board held in the previous year were the 50/50s. The bowling fundraiser has been put on hold due to the amount of work required to hold the event and the low turnout. Mary Beth suggested trying to do the 50/50 raffle at Crest Hill lanes. Gene discussed alternative fundraiers. Megan pointed out that an auctions via Facebook sounds lucrative, however Mary Beth pointed out that the board does not have a lot of man power and auctions require a lot of work. This topic was tabled for future discussions.

Cenntennial Scholarship discussions included changing the pushing back the deadline for applications and contacting the band parents in addition to giving a letter to the students. Mary suggested that the board gives a small presentation at the winter concerts to make the parents aware of the requirements and deadlines for the scholarship. Mary also suggested giving an email version of the letter to the directors to email to the parents (Note to include: Comments we’ve heard "I’m not good enough to apply for this scholarship"- add disclaimer to get parents attention). In addition, the board will plan to attend a band parents meeting at each campus this year to see if that will boost the amount of applications received for 2014.

The board discussed ways to get more volunteers to help, especially during the concert years. Megan suggested being more specific by putting openings for specific duties out to the alumni instead of vaguely requesting help.

The BAA upcoming social events were discussed. Megan suggested that the band directors should post on Facebook that their alumni members should come back to play for the alumni band/basketball games. The board discussed talking to Mr. Carroll about making an announcement about the scholarship before the warm up.

Brad gave details of the upcoming "50 Golden Years Concert" in 2014. He pointed out specific changes for the upcoming concert based on things that were learned during though experience or mistake at the Centennial concert. Gene discussed the casual dinner social event at Cemeno’s, the potential directors, possible recordings, an ad book, etc.

Brad and Gene discussed the future of the BAA organization. Megan discussed the board’s need for additional support. Mary Beth suggested that the organization hold smaller scale performing events, without the planned social events etc that require so much behind the scenes work. Brad questioned how frequent concerts can/will be put on in the future. Art suggested possibly coming up with a local core group to hold smaller concerts more frequently through the years. Brad pointed out that the BAA needs to acquire the younger generations to join and participate in order to thrive in the future. All in attendance brainstormed about how to get younger people involved. Gene would like to see a committee created to look into this further. The topic was tabled for future discussion.

The election of the new officers: Mary Beth proposed that Gene President, Brad Vice President, Jan Treasurer, Megan Secretary. Mary seconded, all approved. Megan proposed Scott was voted into the open 3 year At-Large position, Mike into the 1 year At-Large position, and Doug and Mary Beth into 1 year At-Large positions.

Brad volunteered to head a committee that will revisit the organization’s bi-laws in the near future.

The next 50/50 raffle will be on a Monday, with Mary Beth, Megan, Art and Mike participating- date TBD.

The next meeting will be on October 22nd at Joliet West Library at 7pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:58pm.

                                                      Respectfully submitted,

                                                      Megan Gonzalez



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