Annual Meeting Minutes

JTHS  BAA  Annual Meeting Minutes for Sept 30, 2012


In attendance: Brad Uffelmann, Jan Uffelmann, Mary Beth Bjekich, Gene DiVecchio, Paul Farr, Megan Gonzalez & Mary Ciccotelli

Called to order 3:05pm and the previous annual meeting minutes were reviewed. Corrections were made and Gene motioned to approve, all agreed. Jan explained the treasurerís report. Details were discussed and corrections made. The report was approved and accepted by all.

Brad opened discussion on the success of the past year for the JTHS Band Alumni with the Centennial Concert and other associated events. Gene pointed out that there were many expressions of gratitude on the website, through letters, emails, and social media. Mary Beth brought up one group that was not acknowledged at the concert- the band sponsors in the audience. Brad mentioned that there were things that he forgot to do and would like to remember for the next concert. Mary thought that we should put an actual list on Drop Box of things that we need to remember for the next concert. Megan would like to have donation boxes or Band hat after the West concert, outside the auditorium doors, facing the audience as they exit after the performance. Gene would like to move the scholarship earlier in the year so that the awards can be determined before Ivy night at each school. Brad would like the board to sit down with Mr. Carroll in the late spring to start discussions for the 2014 concert. Gene would like to figure out how to get more people to volunteer for the lobby area after the concert post-concert to man the donation boxes. Mary Beth suggested having people in the back of the auditorium holding the donation boxes. Mary suggested asking the band parents to volunteer.

The group discussed that the current band parents associations and their need to be made aware that the BAA is donating money to the bands on an annual basis. The board may decide to present the checks at one of the yearly band concerts instead of at the alumni basketball games. If this change is made, we will need to remember to make an announcement at the basketball game events so the alumni know that we are still making the donations.

Mary mentioned and Gene affirmed that many organizations are moving to PayPal to take donations and membership dues, regardless of the fees that this incurred. Brad will organize a working session to re-look at this option again.

Gene explained details of the JTHS website and explained the spreadsheets, which illustrated the traffic that the website has seen, pre concert and after the event. Gene expressed that he would like to have another board member that can manage the site in addition to him, if needed.

The upcoming events are the West vs. Central basketball game at West on January 4th and the Central vs. West game at Central on February 8th. The bowling fundraiser is being moved to a spring date, TBD at the next meeting, due to low attendance at the previous event.

50/50 Raffles will begin again once the leagues are in session at Town & Country. Mary Beth will look into some possibilities of dates to do the raffle before Thanksgiving.

Paul Farr had an idea to have a Big Band/Jazz Band competition for high schools in the area. The board would need to charge admission to make a profit. The board discussed it a bit and thinks it could be a possibility for a time period between major concert events.

Norm McDonald gave some ideas to Megan at the Centennial Concert regarding PR and marketing of the organization. Megan passed along some of his tips to the board to brainstorm on and attempt to implement before the next concert. Ideas included ways to attempt get audience attendees personal information for use in further marketing. Possibility of passing out info cards with the program. Hold a drawing during the concert for people who have turned in cards. Also, Mary suggested looking into holding a Military (Reserve) Band concert at a venue presented by the JTHS BAA. If we could get the Military band to hold a clinic with the high schools during the day and have a concert in the evening, it would draw current students, band parents, military supporters, and community members.

The board attendees voted to keep the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary as the same members- all voted and approved the current members for another term. There are several members, not in attendance, who the board may appoint to Members At Large during a later meeting when the parties are present. Gene moved that Paul be appointed as the 3 Year Member At Large position. Paul accepted, the board voted and approved.

Megan will write a thank you notes to the members of the class of 1955 for their generous donation of a table at the Historical Museum Gala for the BAA Board. Gene will send the logo to Megan, Megan will call both of the printers that the BAA uses to price personalized JTHS BAA thank you cards.

The board will meet next to work on the Scholarship and write the mass mailer on October 11th at 7:00pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:08pm.

                                                      Respectfully submitted,

                                                      Megan Gonzalez



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