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2008 Annual Meeting Minutes


This is the DRAFT version of our meeting minutes.
Please note that formal approval of these minutes
will take place at the 2009 BAA annual meeting.

ATTENDANCE:  Art Perez, Gene DiVecchio, Jan Uffelmann, Janet Goldman, James Stegall, John Troughton, Brad Uffelmann, Melissa Christman, Jack Schiffer, Megan Gonzalez, Mary Beth Bjekich
The BAA annual meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm at Maurie's Table, Joliet IL on September 28, 2008.
First there was a  review of minutes from the 2007 Annual Meeting with motion to accept as written by Gene DiVecchio and 2nd by Jan Uffelmann.

Next on the agenda was review of the Financial Statement.  It was noted that there was an outstanding postage bill of $346.77  payable to the school.  This payment was motioned to be paid by Art Perez and 2nd by Mary Beth Bjekich.  The ammended Treasurer Report was accepted and  motioned by James Stegall. Cash on hand as of August '08  is $ 13, 969.64.

    A few activities were discussed that will be held yearly-the Winter Basketball Game and an annual performance by the Jazz Band to keep interest up  and for exposure to the public. It was felt that all involved enjoyed playing with the HS PEP Band for the Baskeball game and generated interest  for the high school members to return  as Alumni members.  As well as inspire comraderie between the  "oldtimers" and the highschoolers.  Brad will talk with the Jazz Band group to plan a session at the Bicentennial Park for future summer programs.
    A planned activity is for the Winter Homecoming Basketball Game against Carl Sandburg on February 13, 2008, Friday night.
Art recommended that the Alumni Band supply pizza  after the game.  It will be discussed with Mr. Fiske if it is ok to bring food into the Band Room for the high schoolers and to let them know we are doing this for them.  Alumni thought this would promote fellowship and comraderie between the alumni and youngsters.  We are always trying to  increase our membership and hope to get their  interest at an early level.  Which always leads to  recruitment....and social events.  The Alumni are always trying to increase membership and interest in our group.  Some recommendations are outings to Hackney's Brass Tacks in February or March. and as always the group is  open to any suggestions.
2012  Centennial Concert
    The alumni group is planning a BIG event for the Centennial  Anniversary.  We will need planning sessions, sponsorship, advertising   as well as lots more Aumni!!   The Board is  throwing around ideas  and suggestions but needs much help.   The BAA want this to be a very special and great event for all to enjoy, but we need more membership and money.  A timeline will be built upon in the near future as well as some possible new venues to get our name " out there" ..Heard of You Tube???  You may see our name on You Tube......Yes, us oldsters can get "hip"  if we have too.!!
There is still mention of a Midwest performance, but it is still on the back burner for now.
Election of Officers
President: Brad Uffelmann accepted office of President.  The vote was motioned by Megan Gonzalez and 2nd by James Stegall, with all in favor.
Vice-President: Art Perez accepted the office of VP.  The vote was motioned by James Stegall and 2nd by Jan  Uffelmann with all in favor.
Secretary: Mary Beth Bjekich accepted the office of Sec.  The vote was motioned by Megan Gonzalez and 2nd by Art Perez, with all in favor.
Treasurer:  Jan Uffelmann  accepted the office of Treas.  The vote was motioned by James Stegall and 2nd by Jack Schiffer with all in favor.
One  3 yr at large term was accepted by Melissa Christman.  The vote was motioned by James Stegall and 2nd by Jan Uffelmann with all in favor.
This places Gene  DiVecchio with 2 years remaining on his term and Megan  Gonzalez with 1 year remaining on her term.
There were recommendations of Meeting and Working Sessions scheduled for the next year. Regular Meetings are scheduled as follows:  

Wed, Dec ?, 2008

Wed, Feb 11, 2009

Tue, Apr 7, 2009

Wed, Jun 10, 2009
Wed, Aug 12, 2009
Wed, Sep 9, 2009

Working Sessions will be scheduled, as needed, during months where a Regular Meeting is not held.


    It was questioned if the Board can change the time and or date of the Annual Meeting to help facilitate attendance.  The Board has to comply with the By-Laws.   This could be under consideration for future meetings, with announcements as needed.  The meeting was adjourned.
                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,
                                                                                                                    Mary Beth Bjekich. Sec.


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