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"The Joliet Township High School Band was organized in 1912. Equipment included twelve second-hand instruments and nail kegs for chairs. The first home the band knew was a manual training room at the school. From this humble beginning, the band gradually rose to international prominence"

A. R. McAllister and John Philip Sousa
1928 - Joliet Union Station

Our alumni centennial celebration of the JTHS bands was a rousing success!
As our band program embarks upon its second century we remain mindful of its fascinating history.
A history and tradition of music excellence that is rare and accompanied by the ongoing sense of
pride that all JTHS band alumni share. A tradition that remains strong and ever-present today
as current JT Central and JT West band members add new chapters.

Joliet Township High School Band - 1949
(Contributed by Jim Blood)

Yearly photos of the band in marching uniform on the auditorium entrance staircase
are a long-standing tradition of the JTHS and JT Central campus program.

Joliet Township High School Band - 1931

Joliet Township High School Band - 1949-50
(Contributed by band alumni - Class of '50)

Joliet Township High School Band - 1961-62
(Contributed by band alumni - Class of '62)

JTHS Central Campus Band - 1972-73

JT Central Band - 2015-16

History of the JTHS Bands - Contents and Links

Alumni Band Concerts

A. R. McAllister and the
Development of the JTHS Band

Bruce H. Houseknecht and the
JTHS 1949-50 Band

Band Directors

Band Sponsors

Centennial Celebration

Drum Majors

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