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" The Joliet Township High School Band was organized in 1912. Equipment included twelve second-hand instruments and nail kegs for chairs. The first home the band knew was a manual training room at the school. From this humble beginning, the band gradually rose to international prominence"

The photo of A.R. McAllister and John Philip Sousa was taken during Mr. Sousa's firt visit to Joliet. Mr. Sousa's band performed twice at the JTHS Auditorium. The first time was October 26, 1925, then again on September 21, 1928. This photo appeared in the Joliet Herald News on Tuesday, October 27, 1925.
(Details about Mr. Sousa's visits to Joliet provided by Mike Fiske in 2023)

A. R. McAllister and John Philip Sousa
1925 - Joliet Union Station

Our alumni centennial celebration of the JTHS bands was a rousing success!
As our band program embarks upon its second century we remain mindful of its fascinating history.
A history and tradition of music excellence that is rare and accompanied by the ongoing sense of
pride that all JTHS band alumni share. A tradition that remains strong and ever-present today
as current JT Central and JT West band members add new chapters.

Joliet Township High School Band - 1949
(Contributed by Jim Blood)

Yearly photos of the band in marching uniform on the auditorium entrance staircase
are a long-standing tradition of the JTHS and JT Central campus program.

Joliet Township High School Band - 1931

Joliet Township High School Band - 1949-50
(Contributed by band alumni - Class of '50)

Joliet Township High School Band - 1961-62
(Contributed by band alumni - Class of '62)

JTHS Central Campus Band - 1972-73

JT Central Band - 2015-16

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A. R. McAllister and the
Development of the JTHS Band

Bruce H. Houseknecht and the
JTHS 1949-50 Band

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