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The Joliet Township High School Band Alumni Association (JTHS BAA) has entered into a third decade of service and support for the Joliet high school band programs. JTHS BAA remains committed to our mission:

"Working together through fellowship and sponsorship to preserve and promote the tradition of excellence of the Joliet Township High School Band."

Your support of JTHS BAA is vital as we plan for the future.

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In the News

Another year of scholarship interviews and auditions down and another crop of winners selected! The JTHSBAA, in partnership with alumni donors, gives out $7,000 in scholarships annually to students at Joliet Central and Joliet West in honor of their service, their musicianship, and their determination.

We also donate $500 to each band program each year, also funded by our alumni donors.

JT Alums - your help is needed to continue these programs. If you’re able and willing to donate, please visit our website at to find ways to donate or connect with us and we can make arrangements with you directly!

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